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Wellbeing & Keeping Students Safe
Shavington Academy is a close-knit, caring and inclusive community. Pupils are polite and welcoming. They enjoy school.

(Ofsted 2018)

At Shavington, we care for one another and respect everything and everyone. The school promotes a catalogue of values called the “SPARK GRIT” and ensures that these values are observed without exception.


 Self-Regulation  Gratitude
 Pride  Resilience
 Ambition   Integrity
 Respect  Tolerance



The Pastoral System 

The school has a strong pastoral system dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of all our students. All students have a Form Tutor who will see them every day, first thing in the morning. The role of the tutor is to monitor pupils’ wellbeing through forming effective relationships with their form members, listening to any issues that may arise, as well as tracking of pupils’ attainment and attendance. Tutors will address the concerns they have with parents or refer to the pastoral team. The team is made up of Transition Co-ordinator/head of year 7, five Heads of Year, and three Assistant Progress Leaders. The team are led by the Assistant Head Teacher for Pastoral Care and Inclusion, who works closely with the Head Teacher. The school Special Educational Needs Coordinator will liaise with all members of the pastoral team to enable extra and appropriate support for those with SEND. Support is usually highly personalised, ranging from having an opportunity to be listened to, or a referral to in house services such as counselling, or liaison with outside agencies on behalf of the student. 
The school maintains a log of all bullying and reflects on the causes and interventions regularly. PHSE lessons are taught about the importance of healthy relationships and friendships and what bullying is. The school takes bullying seriously and have a group of dedicated anti bullying pupil ambassadors who station themselves in the lunch clubs and are available to all students. We will aim to intervene immediately in any case of bullying and keep parents fully informed. Our bullying policy can be found on the school website. 
Form groups follow a series of team building activities in year 7 to encourage friendships. In year admissions are buddied up with pupils from their forms who are in the majority of their teaching groups. Our Pastoral team can also support when students have issues with friendships and undertake mediation work.
 Medical Health

We are aware that some children with SEND also have medical or personal care needs which require attention during the school day, including the administration of medication. To allow staff to administer medication we require parental consent which details the doses and times that it is taken. The medication is kept in pupil reception which is locked and pupils know this is where they go to get their medication. Any medication given out is recorded by the member of staff who administered it.

Medical Emergency

In the case of a medical emergency, two first aiders are required to attend the scene and make judgement as to whether to call for medical help and an ambulance, and parents would always be informed, immediately. Any first aid given and actions taken by first aiders would be recorded fully. We have staff trained in the use of epi pens and all staff have been advised how to spot the warning signs of conditions such as diabetes and what steps they must then take.

Medical appointments

If students have medical appointments we ask that parents inform the school of the impending absence and we will code it as an authorised absence in the register. If appointments are likely to be frequent and potentially have an effect on progress, then we may ask for medical evidence such as appointment letters, and can make arrangements to support a child with catching up any work they may have missed.


 Safety outside the classroom

The school day begins with form time but students can enter the school building before the start of the day and spend time in the library which is opened at 8.20 or stay in Café Options, our canteen area. We don’t have an official before or after school club, but we can offer those with SEND entrance through visitor reception where it is quieter, and where they can be picked up from by parents, if this style of secure handover will aid their experience. At break time, students can go to a quiet room supervised by a member of the pastoral team, and we have a range of lunch clubs that operate every day which are safe areas where students are supervised. These provide a safe space for pupils. All school trips are fully risk assessed and all trip leaders have to take into account the needs of those attending with SEND and provide appropriate provision to ensure the safety of those with SEND.

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