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Roles & Responsibilities
SENCo: Mrs V Hammond   
Assistant SEN Lead: Miss L Wells
Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Haire, Mrs S McInnes, Mrs S Wilkinson, Miss A Daci, Mrs S Harding, Mr R Mayers, Miss E Leigh, Mr I Sanderson, Miss L Fenner, Miss S Maskerey, Miss Z Foley, Miss M sykes
To contact any members of the SEN Department, please email


 Role of the class teacher

The role of all our teachers is to help every child in their class reach their potential. They are there to form positive relationships with students and create a positive productive learning environment. It is the teacher’s responsibility to monitor the progress of all students carefully in all lessons, differentiate effectively and deliver a relevant and engaging curriculum that fosters success.

Teachers will follow the school’s behaviour and marking policies to ensure all students have a consistent experience and be fully aware of SEND students and how to meet their needs effectively. All teachers are required to report to parents, regarding your child’s progress in their subject.

All school staff have a good awareness of SEND through regular staff meetings, pastoral briefings for all teachers and the distribution of support plans or Education Health and Care Plans. Information on learners’ needs and effective teaching strategies is kept on an electronic shared area. These are confidential to school staff and any other stakeholders involved in the plan. Staff will be made aware when these are updated or changed and new copies made available.


 Other staff involved in my child's education

All students have a Form Tutor who they meet with every morning who will monitor a pupil’s progress and well-being and have regular discussions with all pupils as to how they feel about school, their progress etc. Other staff who support students in our school include our Pastoral Team, Teaching Assistants, Office staff and our Attendance Officer as well as a range of support staff from IT technicians to canteen staff. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a small school, which means that the majority of staff know most of our pupils. The school Special Educational Needs Coordinator will oversee the provision for all pupils with SEND and they may work individually with students, conduct regular reviews and liaise with parents, school staff and agencies on behalf of students with SEND.


 The student's voice

The views of your child are very important to us and there are a number of opportunities for them to be listened to. This includes daily contact with their form tutor and those on a SEN Support Plan or Education Health and Care Plan will receive regular reviews. We have a school council and use pupil surveys such as the pass survey which informs future interventions and actions taken by the school.


 Working together

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator liaises with organisations such as the Cheshire East Autism Team, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), and the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Team and disseminates advice and appropriate strategies with pupils that require extra support. Our teaching Assistants have undertaken training in literacy and numeracy strategies, dyslexia training and have a wealth of experience of supporting those with a variety of needs.

We recognise that there can be a significant amount of paperwork as a parent of a child with SEND. The SEN team in school, led by the Special Educational Needs Coordinator along with pastoral secretary, provides support to parents as required. This might be completing forms with parents, or signposting them to agencies who can help further.
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