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High Ability Learners

We aim to support our Higher Ability Learners by recognising their individual abilities and by creating opportunities to add breadth, depth and pace to their learning.


All learners are encouraged to discuss with subjects teachers, form tutors and parents their aspirations to develop their interests and abilities.


Throughout the academic year, we offer Higher Ability Learner opportunities from each curriculum area by having designated ‘Gifted and Talented’ days.  These have included guest speakers, visits out of school and project work taking place within departments to enable learners to flourish by developing further their abilities in a specific curriculum area.


As with all learners, higher ability learners receive recognition through our Academy rewards programs.  It is not a guarantee that a pupil will remain Gifted and Talented throughout their time with us, as relative ability does change over time. We expect to see high levels of effort and progress from every learner.




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Future Events

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