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Head Pupil and Deputy Head Pupil


Being Head Girl provides the experiences and responsibilities, that will broaden my skills and set me up for later aspects of my life. Elements like communicating with others, reiterating the desires of pupils and creating a caring atmosphere within the school is something that I believe is pivotal in being a successful Head Girl.


During my time at the Academy, the staff have gone out of their way to allow me, and the rest of the pupils, to excel in our academic life as well as our personal life. The attitudes of the staff have inspired me to give back to the school and pass these attitudes down to younger pupils. I hope to work collaboratively with the rest of the prefect team to achieve goals that will affect the school in a positive manner. We plan to fund raise rigorously for both our prom in July, as well as for charities that we all feel strongly about.


Already, the prefect team have started in raising money by setting up cake sales and a Halloween Night that we hope will be very successful. Although the role holds many responsibilities, I have thoroughly enjoyed being Head Girl and I hope that the next few months continue to be as rewarding as they have been so far.

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