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PHSE Curriculum

The study pf PHSE in lower school allows pupils to develop and understand their identity, and be mindful of differences within society. Pupils have the opportunity to develop key skills such as, communication, teamwork, acceptance, diversity, independence and decision making in a safe and positive environment.


In year 7, pupils begin by considering the different types of families in society and what they all have in common. A benefit of this is the focal point from the beginning to look at how society is open and families will share common features regardless of their size.

Over the year, a variety of topics are explored such as, Law, budgeting, healthy lifestyles and internet safety to provide pupils with key life skills and a chance to develop knowledge on how to stay safe in later life.


In Year 8 pupils begin by focusing on their health physically, socially and mentally. They consider what impacts on their health, and how they feel/think as a result. As we consider our mental health we look at building a toolbox with strategies to help us in a range of situations, and signpost other methods of ensuring we look out for ourselves.


Pupils also have a chance to explore a range of areas which includes careers to link in to opportunities we hold in school, for example, the Future fair. This ensures pupils begin to look at pathways to help them as they go through the school.

Over time they expand on their knowledge as key areas are revisited to encourage responsibility and for pupils to be active learners. This continues into Key Stage 4.

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