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Music Curriculum

In KS3 Music pupils explore and develop the three main areas of study: performing, composing and listening. As music is a universal language we study and develop our appreciation of World Music. This includes various and diverse music: Samba, Blues and Gamelan.


In Years 7 and 8 pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of music theory. It is vital pupils are able to understand Note Duration, Staff Notation (treble & bass clefs), Elements of Music, Major / Minor Keys and Time-Signatures. Pupils continue to develop their performance skills both individually and as part of a group. Learning to play the Keyboard and Singing builds individual self-confidence and an appreciation of teamwork and resilience.


Music language / key words is very important in developing pupils understanding of how to perform and compose music. Pupils discuss various music articles and the music industry, keeping abreast with possible future career opportunities. Pupils are able to develop their creative skills through composition. Using the latest music software notation packages e.g. Sibelius, Cubase and Guitar Pro. Pupils research various music styles and genres which broadens the depth of music and appreciation of other cultures.


Pupils are encouraged to develop their performing skills by learning how to play a music instrument. By working very closely with our music hub LMT (Love Music Trust), pupils are able to learn from professional peripatetic teachers. Our Music Department offers a selection of extra-curricular ensembles for pupils to become part of the music community which include: Concert Band, Choir, Brass Group and Guitar Group.

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