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Shavington Academy acknowledges and is committed to the rights of the child to

develop the child’s personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential;
(UN Convention on the rights of the child, 1990)
Inclusion at Shavington Academy means not only full access to teaching and learning but an encouragement to participate in enrichment activities and school trips.
 Access arrangements

Our building is fully wheelchair-accessible on the ground floor, and lessons can be timetabled as to avoid any upstairs classrooms. Dedicated SEND spaces are available as are slopes for wheel chair access. We also provide disabled toilet and changing facilities. All students with SEND are encouraged and supported to access all facilities within the school. This may be with the support of a Teaching Assistant, peers or any other nominated member of staff.

The school has a range of equipment and facilities that it can draw on to support pupils. These include overlays, differentiated resources, and Laptops for pupil use. Teachers are routinely facilitating readability of slides and material through enlarged print, colour-specific backgrounds or audio aids. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator will make a strategic decision as to how such resources might be allocated. For any specialist equipment the school does not have, that is felt necessary, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator would liaise with the relevant advisory agency. Parents will be involved in the use of any extra equipment or facilities.

For a full list of our arrangements for every specific area of need please click here
 Activities & Trips

As an inclusive school setting we aim to ensure that all pupils, regardless of need, are able to attend enrichment opportunities such as after school clubs, school trips etc. Therefore, we work with parents and staff leading these opportunities to enable pupils with SEND to attend safely. This may include a buddy system or Teaching Assistant support on the visit, accompanied by an appropriate risk assessment. We have a range of after school clubs and activities throughout the year for all students; many of the clubs are accessible by all regardless of need. For those pupils whose very high levels of need may mean that the standard out of school activities/visits on offer are inappropriate, we seek to liaise with families about suitable alternatives (for example a parent accompanying them).




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