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OFSTED Response Letter
Dear parents,
It is with great pleasure that I am able to provide you with Ofsted's response to the one day inspection that took place on Tuesday 26th June, 2018.
The report is a clear testament to the mutual support we enjoy at Shavington between pupils, staff, parents, Governors and Trustees. In the spirit of that openness, I offer you the full letter that has been addressed to me by HMI Ahmed Marikar.
I am conscious that you may be surprised to receive the report so quickly after inspection- there really was nothing to contest or object to, which has led to its quick publication. I hope that what is written resonates with you and that, like me, you recognise the academy through its description.
I am very proud and honoured to be supported in my role by you, your children and our dedicated and talented staff body.
With warmest regard,
Mrs C White
Shavington Academy

Head Teacher Welcome

Thank you for visiting our web site.  

We are very proud of the education that we provide at Shavington. It is rooted in a collective drive for all pupils to achieve their potential academically and for each pupil to become a responsible member of their community, as a young adult.

Year on year, our pupils achieve results above the national average in the majority of subjects within the curriculum.  We are extremely proud of our track record of preparing pupils for post 16 study, as well as the workplace. Indeed, a significant number of our pupils go on to study post 18.  We believe that they are prepared for this endeavour through the values here at Shavington Academy. 

It is very important to us that our pupils enjoy their time in school. Extra -curricular opportunities across sport, the arts and sciences, with opportunities to travel and try new experiences all play their part in making the school experience a rich and rewarding one. Pupils play their part in the quality of education that they enjoy, through their high standards of behaviour, a commitment to helping others and a strong sense of integrity.

I hope that you will find the information that you are looking for. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


Mrs C White  B.A ( Hons) , M.A, NPQH

Head teacher

Future Events

16 Jul
Year 8 Watersports Trip
Date 16-07-19 - 23-07-19
18 Jul
Year 10 Berlin Trip
Date 18-07-19 - 19-07-19
19 Jul
School Closes at 2pm
Date 19-07-19
20 Jul
Summer Holidays
Date 20-07-19 - 01-09-19
2 Sep

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